Cocktails & Mocktails

The quality of cocktails/mocktails can make or break an event. When guests order cocktails, they do not want to get a plain ordinary drink that they can get anywhere, The quality of cocktails and mocktails can make or break an event. When guests order cocktails, they do not want to get a plain ordinary drink that they can get anywhere, they want an explosion of unique flavors that work together in perfect harmony to create an experience in their mouths. That is exactly what our cocktails guarantee. A lot of time, effort, and energy is put into perfecting our recipes to ensure they live up to all our clients’ expectations. Our dedication to our products ensures that they will always be a hit at any event. We commit to working in tandem with all our clients to come up with the perfect drink that will suit their needs.

We also have a selection of our unique bottled mocktails that include the refreshing Sorrel drink (Zobo) with a hint of spice; the exotic Chapman, the refreshing Mojito, the tasty Pina Colada, and the flavorsome Ocean breeze. Want to try it? Place your order now


Desserts & Fruit Platters

If you are anything like us, then dessert is probably your favorite part of any meal.
Desserts are a delicious and heavenly part of life; nothing can give more pleasure
than eating your favorite dessert.

At Awe-Some Creations, we offer an array of desserts including slushies, fruit trees,
fruit platters, mini desserts, sweet tables, candy carts, and candy floss. Our mouth-
Watering desserts are beautifully decorated to ensure that they are not only a treat for the taste buds, but also the eyes, We commit to working closely with our clients to ensure that we can make all their dessert fantasies come true.

Order our desserts today!


Drinks Management

One of the key components of having a flawless event is having flawless service. At
Awe-Some creations, we offer to manage everything drinks, including storage, table
setup, and service, for the duration of your event. Our package includes uniformed
drink waiters to serve the drinks, drink trolleys and ice buckets for storage.

Our staff are professionally trained and committed to performing an exceptional
job. They will ensure that throughout your event, all tables are always filled with
drinks and any tables with empty drinks are promptly cleared. So, if you are having an event do not hesitate to contact us for this important service.

Awe-Some Creations Prospective Client Form

Do you have an event where you/esquire exquisite cocktails and desserts that are tasty and beautifully presented? Do you need a drinks management service to cater for your event so that it runs without a hitch? Or perhaps you need a mocktail class to learn some new skills that would impress your friends and family? Then look no further because Awe-Some Creations is your one-stop shop for all things cocktail, mocktail, and desserts! Please til the form below for a more productive phone consultation.